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SOUND bar | continuous

Saturday 16 & Sunday 17 march 2019

Choose your own headphones and 'unheard' music and enjoy in the cozy bar of Korzo!

EXhibition | continuous

Saturday 16 & Sunday 17 march 2019

In the bar area, photographer Menno van der Meer exhibits works that have been made in Poland.


Saturday 16 march 2019 - 15.30

The Matangi's have chosen music with the same drama and layering as the music of the 'unheard' composer in residence Szymanski.

With Benjamin Glorieux, James Oesi, Kalpanarts en Matangi.

F.I. von Biber -Passacaglia, I. Strawinsky - Three Pieces, P. Sculthorpe - Lament, S. J. Ter Veldhuis - Viola (wereldpremière), M. Nyman - In Re Don Giovanni, P. Vasks - Blossom, K. Moore - Broken Rosary.

AFTERnoon Tea

Saturday 16 march 2019 - 16:30

Tea will be served in the bar, serving small savory and sweet dishes such as sandwiches, scones, cakes and tarts.

WITH Pawel Szymanski

Saturday 16 march 2019 - 17:00


Pawel Szymanski, composer in residence of the (Un) heard Music Festival 2019, will answer questions from the audience.

AT the table with Matanig

Saturday 16 march 2019 - 18:00

Join the Matangi's and Pawel Szymanski at dinner. There will be dishes on the menu that have been chosen by Szymanski himself!

Classical Music PubQuiz

Saturday 16 march 2019 - 19:30


What do you know about classical music? Quizmaster Sabine Poiesz will treat the festival audience to a dazzling classical music quiz!

UNheard marathon

Saturday 16 march 2019 - 20:30

Concert with the highlights from the chamber music works by Pawel Szymanski.

With Levan Tskhadadze, Aldona Bartnik, Kwintessens Producties, Benjamin Glorieux en Matangi

Pawel Szymanski: A Due (Dutch Première), Drie Lieder nach Trakl (Dtuch Première), Two Pieces for String Quartet(Dutch Première), Gigue (Dutch première), Recalling a Serenade (Dutch Première), Five Pieces,In Paradisum deducant te Angeli (Dutch Première)


Sunday 17 march 2019 - 10.00

Masterclass for young talent from the department Young KC.

Final concert LOUNGE - Klassiek in ‘t Ketelhuis

Sunday 17 march 2019 - 11.00

During this lounge concert where the audience will not only be treated to music, but also to the artworks that children have made in collaboration with artist Rob van den Broek during the BACKground workshop in collaboration with Verwend Nest. The Matangi's will first perform Szymanski's piece for string quartet and vibraphone called Compartment 2, car 7 and then Steve Martland's Starry Night.


With Ramon Lormans en Matangi.

S. Martland - Starry Night, P. Szymanski - Compartment 2, car 7


Sunday 17 march 2019 - 12:00

Phuong & Sophie provide a delicious lunch where the musicians join the public and the festival is festively closed.

ON the radio

Sunday 17 march 2019 - 12:30

Children are invited to participate in the RadioLAB of the Concertzender.
Here they can make their own radio program and interview the musicians they have just seen perform. Results can be admired at

With Pawel Szymanski, Ramon Lormans and Matangi.

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